I hear that Local Lighthouse finally settle with Google and now is doing business under another name to hide. The owner Erik Oakley is a complete slime ball. I know this because I worked there for a while. They teach you how to scam people. I could not take it and quit. I have a soul and have to look at myself in the mirror every day. I guess these people dont? I guess we all get what we deserve in the end. God sees all and if you live your life scamming others, you shall be judged.

I wrote this so no one else gets scammed by local lighthouse....

Buyer beware!!!!!

Local Lighthouse Scam

Location: Rowland Heights, California

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Robert Terry was my sales rep he was the best!!!!!!!


I worked there too. Not a scam.

Sure, some sales tactics were questionable, but they got hit for it. But the product itself is a legitimate product. Website and minimal SEO services for $99/mo. Some customers were quite happy.

They would not remove website for clients who cancelled until much later.

And when they did, many clients called back in to reactivate their services. I would definitely not consider a company scam that has many many customers calling in asking to turn their accounts back on.

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