Govanni Nml
map-marker Bay City, Michigan

To advertise in bay city

I have local light house in Saginaw and I need a bay city advertisement. Thank you Alesha
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Matteus Ssw

I was scammed by Local Light House for $400.00

I have a small business on the side. I have a website I made myself but I was struggling on how to get it onto search engines. I do not know much about computers. I received a call from them promising they would make a new web page for me, they would get me visible to the public and they would also make sure if someone did a Google search my business/web page would come up on the first page. I made 2 payments to them. They never sent me a contract, they never did a webpage for me either. They were impossible to get ahold of and if you googled my business or name it was still not coming up. So after much frustration I called CHASE Bank and reported them to the Fraud department. That was a waste of time because CHASE took their side !! I received a letter stating they did do a web page for me so they delivered the product. They slapped together some bogus webpage which I NEVER SAW OR RECEIVED. It was very unprofessional and I would have never agreed to it anyway. I was so disappointed in Chase after I shared my story with them and even directed them to the Rip Off Report for Local Light House. Every now and then I still get phone calls from them saying I owe them $800. insane. They are definitely scam artist. not sure why they do not get shut down or fined for robbing people.
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  • Just took my money no communication or
Reason of review:
Not as described/ advertised

Preferred solution: Full refund

Lachelle Nlv

Local Lighthouse - Review in SEO and Reputation Management category

Called me over and over. Said they were google, talked me into new web site, it was written by a 2 year old that can not speak proper English. I rewrote the whole thing. Could get changes done. I canceled account. They kept taking money I canceled 4 more times. I had to cancel my cc. Then they changed my business number to the wrong number and have been advertising the wrong number for 1.5 years. I can't get them to take it down.
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Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy
Caroleen Lll
map-marker Wilmington, Delaware

Local Light House -Russian servers

A little over a year ago I was scammed by Local Light house, they stated they were representative of Google (which turned out to be false) Although they did nice job on website building, took an extra 30 days,they Did not use My Website Name!!!! They gave me a bogus website name, when I tryed to cancel they said their name was better (which was false!!) ,When I stated I would sue, they then linked my website to the bogus one!!!. It worked for a while, but I did not have one customer call!!!after switching.. The website would loose Fonts and sometimes shut down!! Then I discovered an astounding thing- Local Light House was Using Russian Servers!!Under the Servers owners name!! As I did some work for the U.S. Government thru a Small Engineering company. I felt my Information could be compromised to Russian Spy Networks! I immediately closed my account!!They then charged me an additional month to my card without my authorization!! It took 3 months to get the 99.00 Dollars back!! The worst part was they Kept the bogus website up for 3 months!! after I canceled!! Again I emailed and called Multiple times to get it taken down!! after the 4th month website was taken down! I also warned the DOD and White House that Russian Servers maybe monitoring U.S. Military and propriatory Commercial information!! No One responded back!! Just a short time ago it was found that Russia is monitoring us Agencies and commercial businesses doing work for the government!
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Reason of review:
Bad quality
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I happen to know for a fact the servers were not Russian. They use Amazon servers (AWS) using their US West availability zone, which is in Oregon actually.

I know this because I worked there and personally set up and maintained those servers. I don't normally respond to stuff, but you are an *** if you think they are from Russia.

map-marker Rowland Heights, California

Local Lighthouse Lost Lawsuit VS Google

I hear that Local Lighthouse finally settle with Google and now is doing business under another name to hide. The owner Erik Oakley is a complete slime ball. I know this because I worked there for a while. They teach you how to scam people. I could not take it and quit. I have a soul and have to look at myself in the mirror every day. I guess these people dont? I guess we all get what we deserve in the end. God sees all and if you live your life scamming others, you shall be judged. I wrote this so no one else gets scammed by local lighthouse.... Buyer beware!!!!! Local Lighthouse Scam
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Robert Terry was my sales rep he was the best!!!!!!!


I worked there too. Not a scam.

Sure, some sales tactics were questionable, but they got hit for it. But the product itself is a legitimate product. Website and minimal SEO services for $99/mo. Some customers were quite happy.

They would not remove website for clients who cancelled until much later.

And when they did, many clients called back in to reactivate their services. I would definitely not consider a company scam that has many many customers calling in asking to turn their accounts back on.

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Tywon Rol
map-marker Bellflower, California