Being new in the business world, no schooling on how to operate a business, I made the mistake by giving a Local Lighthouse Rep my time.

The woman was very polite and friendly. Mentioning that they only wanted to help me and my business grow. Unfortunately I don't have any calls recorded, but I kid you not, they told me that it was MONTH TO MONTH and there was NO COMMITMENT. Also told me they would help me get on the front page of yahoo, bing, google ect. The began to tell me they would build me a website, where it would advertise for my ACTUAL website where you can buy products. Saying there would be BIG and BOLD links to my ACTUAL website. All for just 95$ a month!

Ready for the kickers? After SIX MONTHS of payment, that's when it becomes month to month. My website was based on Norfolk, VA when my actual business is in the Outer Banks, NC. I have pictures of my website (which I pray they delete soon to stop my embarassment) Ugly. Uninformative. Every direction I gave them for it, they did the complete opposite. One of the screen shots shows THE ONLY link to my actual website. Just one. Very small. Not bold. And somehow they got me on the first page of yahoo and bing....not under my business name....UNDER "HAMMOCKS.NORFOLK." I was being robbed, called asking to AT LEAST reduce the payment. Because I was unable to pay my bills, they reduced it to 75$ a month. I was also told I need to "verbally confirm" cancellation. That was just a trick to get me to spend 45mins of my time talking to 7 different employees trying to convince me to stay. "We'll reduce it to 19.99$ a month" "2 free months" "I'll work with you 1-1, youre doing so good with us" "we are starting to see you on google!" "you have been so good paying us so long" WELL THATS BECAUSE YOU TRICKED ME INTO SIGNING A LEASE.

PLEASE. These people basically robbed me of $600.00 and I got ABSOLUTELY NO BUSINESS from them. Local Lighthouse is a SCAM!!! Take your hard worked for money for N-O-T-H-I-N-G!!!! Dont fall for their scam. Could potentially put you out of business.

Reason of review: All of the above. Lying to get customers to sign something that they don't want to sign. Forcing them to pay 95$ a month for 6 months. .

Monetary Loss: $525.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Local Lighthouse Cons: Lying to me from beginning, Fooled me into paying 525, Did not want me to cancel, Took 45min 7employees to cancel.

Location: North Carolina, United States

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I also had BIG PROBLEMS with Local Lighthouse. They stopped my webpage when I cancelled my monthly fee for monthly advertising.

So my webpage which was extremely expensive with them does not exist. I had to spend another $1200 to get it done.




I am having the same horrible experience with Local Lighthouse,

In fact they put a picture of a storage facility 3 miles down the road from my storage with my business name address and phone number. Their storage facility is orange and white MINE IS BLUE AND WHITE!!

Looks to me like they are advertising for my competitors instead of me and charging me. $600 for this service!!!!!


That problem can be fix, as long as you call Local Lighthouse (:

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